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Coffee revolution, 10 Belles Paris

Over the past year the coffee scene in Paris has really taken off. Where as once I could count the number of Marzocco machines I had seen on one hand, there are now numerous cafes popping up across Paris serving top-notch caffeine; Merce and the Muse, Coutume, Telescope, Kookaburra, Cafeotheque and Black Market to name a handful. On my recent trip I had to check out newly opened 10 Belles, the micro cafe a stones throw from the canal and I was very impressed.

The coffee is delicious, supplied by my other favorite cafe Télescope and the desserts are provided by  Le Bal. They have a very reasonably priced menu including an 11 euro formule for a soup and salad or sandwich with a coffee and cookie.

10 Belles, 10 rue de la grange aux belles, 75010

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