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Coffee revolution, 10 Belles Paris

Over the past year the coffee scene in Paris has really taken off. Where as once I could count the number of Marzocco machines I had seen on one hand , there are now numerous cafes popping up across Paris serving top-notch caffeine; Merce and the Muse, Coutume, Telescope, Kookaburra, Cafeotheque and Black Market to name a handful. On my recent trip I had to check out newly opened 10 Belles, the micro cafe a stones throw from the canal and I was very impressed.

The coffee is quite simply perfect, supplied by my other favorite cafe Télescope and the desserts are provided by  Le Bal. They have  a very reasonably priced menu including an 11 euro formule for a soup and salad or sandwich with a coffee and cookie. The Barista was really friendly and great to chat to about the new wave of coffee in Paris.

10 Belles, 10 rue de la grange aux belles, 75010

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